X Panel

X Panel

XPanel system. power and control

If the limits are not for you, XPANEL is what you are looking for. Whether you are only interested on a security system or you want to intrude in home automation, access control, in the network connections, the total management remotely or locally, without limitation as to the number of inputs or radio channels, mono or multi-user while maintaining an extreme simplicity of use also in very extended systems, then you will find little comparable to XPANEL. 

Its programming is simple and immediate, from the terminal with display or via the included software, and if you need to change a remote programming, no fear, using the GPRS connection you can do it anytime, from anywhere, without having to install a line data in the central. 


The Xpanel products

  • Expansion models
  • Component for home automation
  • Communicators
  • Various tabs
  • Software and components for lan

Row lines or channel radio
  • 16 wired inputs or base channels radio, also mixed, expandable up to 272 total (48 for XPanel Lite) through the connection of the XPE166 serial bus input expansions, each with 16 wired inputs or 16 radio channels, also mixed, and 6 open collector outputs 
  • 160 WLINK radio channels 
  • Expansion inputs available in card, to be inserted in the central cabinet in plastic for decentralized installation and in version for DIN rail mounting. 
Alarm outputs, signaling and command
  • 6 outputs on the central board, two relays and four open collector, expandable up to 262 total (22 per XPanel Lite) through the connection of XPO88 serial bus output expanders, each of 16 outputs including 8 relay and 8 open collector. 
  • Output expanders available in card, to be entered in a central location or in plastic cabinet for decentralized installation, version for DIN rail mounting with relay outputs, and a version for DIN rail mounting with open collector outputs. 
  •  Modules REM Single output REM modules for connection on serial bus for up to 128 units (not available for XPanel Lite). 
Control terminals
  • Up to 32 control terminals (4 for XPanel Lite) for STARLIGHT, VISION, SMALLREADER, NETMASTER serial bus in their various versions allow control of the system in an efficient, simple and customizable way. 
  • GSM / GPRS INFOCEL-XP communicator with voice call mode, sms, tcp-ip, data, bidirectional management, PSTN interface, SMS commands and DTMF, prepaid sim check, managing home automation, multi-user, survival control, automatic reconnection to the network . Available in both card to insert in the central cabinet in plastic for remote installation with serial connection. 
  • PSTN MULTICOM-XP communicator with voice call mode, data, bidirectional management, DTMF commands, multi-user, survival control, high immunity against overvoltage in input from the telephone line. 
  • Up to 100 users individually recognized as numeric codes, proximity keys, proximity cards, remote controls, can be individually enabled to the various functions of the system and with the same sectored restrictions command. 
Serial sirens
  • The availability of self-powered sirens for serial bus allows for total control of the same (check integrity, battery test, sound verification) over their programming without having direct access. 
  • NETPORT module for tcp-ip connection and system control in a LAN or WAN (not available for XPanel Lite). 
  • Network connection without line data through GSM / GPRS communicator. 
Home automation (not available on XPanel Lite)
  • Heating control, also multi-zone, with weekly thermo programming and remote management via mobile phone. 
  • Automatic and manual management of lighting, both indoor and outdoor, with calculation of sunrise / sunset. 
  • Watering cycles can be programmed with multiple pilot sprinklers. _ Automatic blinds and shutters with single or group commands. 
  • Control of power consumption with automatic disconnections controlled in case of exceeding the maximum load and warning via SMS. 
  • Assortment of specific components for home automation: sensors temperature, modules control, wind and rain sensors, electric power meters. 
  •  XDOMINO home automation management software for touch-screen personal computer. 
Accesses control (not available on XPanel Lite)
  • ​Direct management of up to 100 users with restrictions for time slots and number of accesses. 
  • Registration in accesses historical memory access and breaking and entering attempts. 
  • VerID software for unlimited users number and advanced control management. 
Historical memory
  • A basic equipment of 254 events in historical memory, expandable up to 21,843 (not available for XPanel Lite), allows the recording of alarms, changes in state, of any anomalies, and a series of technical events for inspection and specific assistance and without uncertainty. 
  • XDOMINO: home automation building management. It extends the capabilities of the home automation system, with a powerful graphical interface and intuitive, suitable for installation on touch-screen terminals wall and generation of graphical maps of multiple active indoor and outdoor areas. Video management to integrated windows. The total control of the house at the touch of a finger (not available for XPanel Lite). 
  • XCONNECT: multisite remote control for security services and maintenance. It allows control of an unlimited number of Xpanel installations connection via tcp-ip or gprs with management maps, automated control system of survival, anti jamming, handling video signals (not available for XPanel Lite). 
  • VerID: unlimited users number access control, verification steps, limiting time slots, storage event (not available for XPanel Lite). 
  • XpanelMobile (not available for XPanel Lite), ARCO SIX, IRCO SIX: app for mobiles (XpanelMobile and ARCO SIX for Android and IRCO SIX for iOS) for the remote control of the main functions in simple mode and icons. 
  • SuperX: programming software, locally or remotely via GPRS, viewing historical memory, storage and programming memories. 
  • A complete set of interfaces for isolated serial bus, fiber optic interfaces, conversion modules allow the creation of fully functioning systems even in hostile environments. 

Cabinets and power supplies
Such a variety of configurations require space and power, in order to respond with the most versatile solution several container versions are available both in plastic and metal, as well as different models and power. 

Block Diagram

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