An idea only: security first

The centre of the CSI philosophy: the safety of our clients

Intelligent alarm systems that improve quality of life

Giving someone the freedom to live in complete safety means improving the quality of life.
CSI is a Company that has acquired extensive awareness of its role in everyday life: the high quality of its products the reliability of its services, the fact that everything is Made in Italy, research and innovation are the essential elements of the method used by CSI for every project undertaken.

The intensive development that characterizes the history of CSI comes  directly from a corporate philosophy that places security as a center: intuitive operation of alarm systems and interactivity of each product allows the customer to increase security in both  domestic and work place.

Made in Italy is one of the factors that characterize the Company: all the research and product development is done exclusively in Italy, inside  the offices and laboratories at its plant in Pianezza, near by Torino -   Italy 

CSI's values

To give customers the freedom to feel secure and protected.
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Mettiti in contatto con CSI per maggiori informazioni: +39 011.966.10.07

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