SOLO: Wireless intelligence

SOLO: Wireless intelligence

Solo Lite system. Protecting impossible environments.

SOLO Lite represents an ideal solution for wireless security systems without external power supplies. The number of controllable radio channels, the availability of wired inputs, the flexibility in power supplies and the availability of the GSM / GPRS communicator module make SOLO Lite the final solution for the protection of sites where it is not possible or convenient having cables, or not provided the mains supply, as well as protections for boats,motor homes, trucks and mobile vehicles in general. 

Installation is facilitated by features such as self-learning device, the various test functions, the built-in siren, non-volatile memories, the programming software faster (but the whole system is directly programmed on the display and on the keyboard). 

Features such as activation confirmation on the bidirectional remote, voice messages customizable, fast activations, the large graphic display make SOLO Lite to be used by anyone, while the bidirectional GSM / GPRS communicator extends the possibilities of control and management levels never reached before for a self powered device. 


Main features

Unprecedent power management
  • Powered from the 7,2V lithium battery (stand-alone, years of autonomy as a function of the operating conditions), from the net (it requires power supply ASF35 optional) with 12V lead battery in buffer, from external source between 7 and 16Vdc. 
  • Automatic switching from standard mode to the low power in case of a blackout. 
Radio channel management and alarm lines
  • ​80 radio channels for fully programmable self learning wireless sensors (delays, self exclusion, matching to activation groups, alarm outputs, inhibitions, alarm, courtesy, partial and much more). 
  • 4 lines of programmable row alarms. 
Users management
  • 32 users individually recognized (numeric codes or radio controls) and fully programmable (owner’s name, access level, combined with activation groups, outputs, partial activation, blocking operation for days and times, and more). 
Activation groups
  • Multi-user support. 
  • 8 groups individually managed and completely programmable (name, AND function of the channels, autoreactivation, combined outputs for alarm and status, and so on). 
Radio functions
  • Automatic Wlink free frequencies search.
  • Programmable supervision for single sensor.
  • Check of the automatic radio channel.
  • Management of self powered sirens radio, remote keyboards, signal repeaters. _ Panic signals.
System timer
  • 56 weekly programmings of automatic activation / deactivation also for single groups, signalling in advance for group activation, programmable autoreactivation if disabled. 
Clock calendar
  • Automatic management daylight saving time, leap years.
  • Dedicated battery backup.
Historical memory
  • 1792 events on non volatile memory with indication of day and time. _ Clear display visualization with fast forward keys. 
GSM/GPRS communicator
  • 16 completely programmable telephone numbers (number, owner’s name, call reason, groups matching, enabling to tele management, and so on). 
  • Customizable alarm messages for each channel (it requires SoloVoice module) with direct recording without the use of a PC. 
  • SMS and GPRS messages automatically customized from programming. 
  • Telemanagement from remote in direct calls with vocal guide messages, or with SMS commands (activable at programmable intervals also in functioning with lithium battery functioning). 
  • Remote management of status change, exclusions, outputs command, environmental viewership (it requires SoloVoice module). 
  • Management of prepaid SIM card with automatic check of remaining credit. 
  • Huge programming capability for many calls, calls to the response, transmission time, call attempts, survival signal, and many more. 
Simplified management
  • Icons on the display for fast access to the most used functions. _ Rapid activations with the pressure of only two digits. 
  • Bidirectional CryptoTwinWLINK radio command management with confirmation of change of status and query. 
  • Notices and operative signals automatically voice sent if present the Solo Voice module, or with different sound effects if Solo Voice is not present. 
Integrated speaker
  • Local alarm signals with programmable columns and automatic reduction for low battery. 
  • Functional signals (occurred alarm, switching on status also in groups, anomalies, low batteries and many more) with programmable volume (it requires SoloVoice module). 
Signal and alarm outputs
  • All the operator messages and alarms linkable to external self-powered sirens, speaker and built-in 6 independent alarm outputs open collector (Relexp cards available for conversion in exchange relay 10 amps). 
Simplified installation and assistance
  • Automatic recognition of installed options.
  • Sensors and radio command self learning, also collective
  • Easy and direct programming tank to graphic display and drop-down menu. _ Sensors and radio command test with acoustic confirmation.
  • Radio and wire alarm test devices.
  • Communicator test with vocal call and sms to the installer. 
  • Feeder and batteries test.
  • Automatic registration of the date of the battery change. 
Windows software free
  • EasyWlink for the complete programming.
  • NextVersion for the firmware update.
  • Require USBPod or USBPod Wlink required (not included). 

Block Diagram

Block <strong>Diagram</strong>

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