RS485: Serial bus connection for the Third millennium detectors

For the Third millennium detectors

APP programmability and upgrades online

RS485: Serial bus connection for the Third millennium detectors

Installation flexibility and remote management via app

  • for the Third millennium detectors 
Serial bus connection for fast , comprehensive and reliable exchange of information with the control panel. No More complicated wiring to detect the rivelation status.
  • Guaranteed expandability 
To increase the number of detectors RS in a system is enough to get them connected to the first serial RS485 available, no matter if within control panel lines are still available.
  • APP programmability 
RS detectors can be programmed remotely and due to special APP, the scope and sensitivity can be adjusted, so as to enable their functional programming, without having to log on remotely. Just in a few seconds.
  • On line upgrades 
All have serial bootloader, RS series detectors can be updated in seconds without even touching them. A management flexibility never seen before.

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