Evo Wlink
COD: CSI 030010

Evo Wlink

(Outdoor WLINK wireless Sirens)

Selfpowered magnetodynamic syren high power outdoor - Double wrap strong polycarbonate - Flashing LED high intensity and signal output - High radio range (depending on surrounding) - Rfport4-SMA preinstalled with rod antenna and slot free for Rfport8-SMA - tamper protection - Fully programmable wireless connection - connection to PC for firmware upgrade - Powered by single or dual lithium battery MBT7.2 (not supplied). Dimensions 294 x 237 x 100mm. 

COD: CSI 013054

Extra Evo Silver

Evo cover Silver painted. 

COD: CSI 013055

Extra Evo Carbon

Evo cover Carbon painted.