Unlimited solutions on security and home automation

The iNFINITE series inherits the best design features and CSI advanced electronics manufacturing, adding innovative solutions that make it unique can manage advanced intrusion systems and home automation.

The version Cp24, expressly developed for security systems , and CP3000, which extend it’s application on home automation, provides an unprecedented expansion capabilities with a set of unique features able to place them at the top in the industry.

Both are equipped with the most advanced technology of digital/analog wireless and wired connection, as well as the LAN and high speed serial bus connection RS485 connection serial terminals and detectors for expansion flexibility of use.

IPlus, IPlus Box and wired expandability IPlus high-level Power added, as well as handling and routing of wireless communications, to create hybrid systems of unprecedented size.

Powerful 32-bit microcontrollers, both in power and in expansions IPlus, enable the system speeds and unprecedented computing capabilities. Expanding margins firmware were expected both in power and in Manager device to help maintaining the system continuously updated with the latest releases, even from remote connection. A guarantee for their investments: for both the installer and the end user.


Analog ports (input/output)
The analog ports can be programmed without distinction as analog inputs or outputs. In both cases, they are fully programmable and can be associated to various features of the system. If programmed as inputs, these can be split so that each physical input can match two virtual lines, individually programmable.

Digital ports (input/output)
The digital gates can be scheduled interchangeably as inputs or outputs. In both cases, they are fully programmable and can be associated to various features of the system.

Wireless Wlink
Wlink Wireless Channels

Available as standard, the band 4 and band 8 Wlink receivers allow to unleash the full power of the Wlink wireless protocol. Exclusive system device such as the iPlus box Wlink and iPlus Power expansions allow to route Wlink communication by perfectly integrating wired serial communications with wireless Wlink allowing creation of large systems in a easy way.

Wlink Wireless Sirens

When wiring is not possible or convenient, the system also handles a large number of wireless sirens Wlink, which can be also programmed at input ports or to the various functions of the system.

Wlink extender

For very large or mixed wireless systems, the Wlink extenders guarantee forward communications to large distances. They can also be installed in cascade connection among them, or logically connected to an Iplus Wlink. Communication flexibility that is unprecedented.
RS485 serial
High speed RS485 serial lines

Wired communications between the various components of the system is provided with the RS485 serial lines as well integrated with an exclusive high speed Protocol with CRC checking and error correction. Each serial line is capable of driving the bus repeater signals necessary to use bus RB, IsoBus insulators that allow writing lines of communication in situations with high ambient noise.

Serial detectors (RS series)

Serial detectors work connected to an RS485 serial line, instead of the usual connection programmed as input. The serial connection simplifies both the wiring and the detector programming which can be done remotely, without having to be on site. Changing the sensitivity or the detector extensions is thus absolutely simple, as well as the various causes of alarm recording, without complicated wiring. All information will run on the serial line. It is even possible the detector firmware upgrade from remote. Unprecedented flexibility of use.

Serial sirens

Wiring and programming of an outdoor siren becomes easier with the RS 485 serial connection. The system may manage multiple serial sirens programmability at input ports and functions.
Expandability IPLUS

In case the input/output ports should not be sufficient, expansions IPLUS is the right tool to increase the ability to control the system. Each expansion brings 24 programmable as inputs or outputs, physical ports, with maximum flexibility. When programmed as inputs, up to 36 virtual inputs may be managed.Some iPlus version are also able to handle the traffic on Wlink wireless wireless communications , as well as to autonomously manage their input power. Available for installation within the Control panel cabinet as well within a separate locker in different versions and sizes. The IPLUS expansions are highly flexible component able to expand any system with unprecedented simplicity.

Expandability XPO

Available in a variety of accomplishments, in a bare electronic board or in DIN rail box. XPO allows simple output expansions without the option of programming such as the IPLUS does.

Expandability REM

The REM modules allow even more simple output control and are particularly suitable for curtains, blinds and rolling shutters, but can be extended to a wide variety of home automation applications.

Available as standard on all Control panels, the LAN port allows the connection of the control panel both as a server and as a connection to the CSI cloud, making the system accessible from everywhere in absolute simplicity and safety guaranteed by unique encrypted dynamic password. Standard are also SMTP protocol to send emails and the DHCP protocol for fast connection to internal networks.

Apps and software equipment

Applications for smartphones and mobile devices (Iphone and Android) for local and remote management, as well as a standard PC software that allows to perform easily basic operations.
Clock calendar

The clock calendar features the control unit enables operation of the many functionalities linked to particular times (for example, timers), as well as make reference to the records of historical memory. A CR2032 battery ensures functioning even in case the control unit is powered down.

System timer

A powerful timer system allows to define multiple automated tasks by toggling on the system itself, totally or partially, as well as in conjunction with managing activations from user. When not desired, the system timer can be disable, even just on specific areas.

Output timer

Fundamental component of any automation system, the timer of the outputs is a powerful tool that allows countless activations and deactivations; daily or weekly, lights, general automation, signs, a wide variety of applications. Activations and deactivations can be subject to a specific time or at sunrise or at sunset, even in combination with each other.

Securlux Function

The Securlux function simulates presence of people within the area to be protected by programmable lighting sequential periods. Acting as a deterrent, adds additional plus to further increase the security level of an environment.
An important part in any security system is the Communicator, and the features are absolute superior. Available for both GSM/GPRS connection as well as combined with PSTN; communicators have a very high programming capacity: dialing speed, data connections, sending email, voice vocabulary automatic fitted through the RoboVoice software and much more. The control panel CP3000 may also accept the use of more communicators, for redundant communications.
Starlight, Smallreader, Ape

The system can be controlled locally by the Starlight series touchscreen terminals, available for both wall or flush mounting installation. They may be integrated with or without Proxy key reader, Smallreader (flush mounting) and Ape (wall mounting.).
Users / Groups

A large number of users, individually recognizable, could be associated to the various features of the system. For each user are definable ratings, daily or weekly periods, areas in which it can be recognized. A user can be identified both in a numerical code, in a proximity key series Proxy, as well in a radio remote control Crypto Twin Wlink. The INFINITE serie is really unique.

Partializations or programs

The free association between input ports, wireless channels, serial detectors and groups (or programs), the whole system allows the generation of arbitrary partialization or activation schemes that satisfy even the most demanding customers. The free and open association between users and domains allows the system to be managed as a multiuser system, where each user is enabled to particular area only. Even from this point of view , INFINITE is not afraid of comparisons.
Power management
Peripheral power groups

To reduce the chances of short-circuit power outputs, both the Control panel and lPlus expansions are dividing into distinct groups the outputs in order to power without any risk devices and detectors. Each group is protected by a different self-resetting fuse.

Battery Check

To keep under control the status of the rechargeable batteries used, the system allows the programming of test periods during which the charging voltage is monitored in the absence of the charge. When this test detects a battery capacity is no longer sufficient, the user is alerted, as well as the technical assistance, depending on the programming. This feature is also available on the IPLUS POWER expansion.


The Power controllers are power consumption 230VAC measuring modules. They allow, in addition to the measurement of instantaneous consumption, to limit and control the electrical load in a system thanks to the powerful programming capacity. They can be differentiated in areas of applications and through a proper programming both the limitation and automatic recovery could be set.
Historical memory

Unlimited events recording occurred on the system stored on microSD card.

MicroSD card

The large storage capacity of the microSD card, standard as well, allows the system to be ready for all future features integration, in addition the secure operation of the bootloader for firmware update remotely. On new firmware is fully received and recorded in SD card, complete with a check, before starting the actual upgrade. Locally a simply copy of the new firmware on the microSD card and power the unit to obtain the update in a few seconds. The microSD card is also supporting the historical memory of the system, which creates a file for each year of operation, making it almost unlimited.

Thermopoints are heat temperature sensors and may detect the temperature of various areas and manage heating and cooling automatically and manually. Each thermopoint refers to a particular area, allowing a thermal management completely independent.

Temperature management (hot/cold)

An home automation system can not ignore the indoor temperature management. Multizone climate CP3000 control panel operate for both heating and cooling, allowing to program the desired temperature on a weekly basis. The system may be managed manually as well.

Irrigation management

Up to 4 independent irrigation areas can be managed with sequential valve and switch management commands between any water well and the aqueduct, weekly schedule and moisture /rain sensor check.

Autolux management

Autolux function allows to use programmable periods or simply between sunset and sunrise, security detectors to activate lights, regardless of their intrusion-related functions. The function is switched on and off easily by the user.

Sunrise/Sunset management

For systems that do not or could not be fitted with a traditional light dependent, you can enable calculating Sunrise and Sunset due to a reference taken to the city closer to the installed system. There are also several minutes or hours, fixes programmable in particular cases.

Managing automations – Domotics

Automatic and manual controls on different zones allows to open or close windows, curtains, shutters, also at special events such as rain, wind, or at Sunrise or sunset.
Bootloader on control panels, Iplus expansions, Starlight and communicators has been forseen to allow remote firmware update. In addition the ability to auto-update peripherals products families.
Modular cabinets with antennas (option)
A modular system of cabinets enables an immediate selection of the appropriate cabinet size for the project and subsequent expandability without limits of the system. Wlink wireless systems, integrated ground plane antenna kits are available with integrated protective cover design.

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