IMX Plus

IMX Plus

Multitechnology Control Panel

No need for other stock equipment to meet the different installation requirements of who uses IMX Plus. It is equipped with most advanced technology and wireless, expansion capabilities, speech synthesis (with micro SD card speech vocabulary), PSTN communications and GSM / GPRS, LAN Ethernet connection, compatibility with APPs for smartphones, full complement software for scheduling and even remote management; all to give birth to a perfectly shod system to various possible customer requirements. 

The IMX Plus Installation is simplified by exclusive features, such as speech synthesis for testing lines and radio channels, self-learning devices, the built-in siren, the serial bus to the self-powered sirens and the control terminals, non-volatile memories, the programming software and display historical memory (locally, in GPRS, LAN and through CSIcloud service), the large and elegant graphic display and keyboard, both elegantly in blue backlited. 


The service and technical support on IMX Plus is both simple and powerful. You can program it remotely, via various means (wLINK, LAN, CSIcloud, etc.) but also upgrade the OS firmware to the new version available without having to access to the control panel, it can all be done from anywhere! In addition, IMX Plus allows you to vary even remotely internal programming to wireless Wlink detectors registered, to know the status, the low battery level and much more! 
The customer do not need to follow any specific training course to use the system; the activation and deactivation procedures are simplified and customizable, speech synthesis will keep the user informed about the state of the system, two-way communicators will allow it to be constantly informed and to intervene at will on the system from anywhere. He can manage his system via two-way remote controls (with feedback confirmation status change), proximity keys, numeric codes, APPs for smartphones, and all of these in combination with one another. 

Thanks to the service CSI cloud and APPs My Plus will turn your smartphone into a terminal added to the system, with automatic switch between WiFi and 3G / 4G connections, with unprecedented simplicity, with no need for static IP addressing or dynamic DNS services . Connections are both achievable via Ethernet LAN and GPRS. 
Up to 8 e-mail recipients can be notified promptly of any single event happened to the system, with the possibility to filter events by user. 

Many other features, as the mic inputs for remote environmental listening, the direct management of stringed alarm switch, the self-test of the connection and the battery status, control the remaining credit on the SIM, and very other, make IMX Plus a versatile and innovative machine, destined to remain a milestone in the multi-functional alarm systems. 

Alarm lines management
  • 8 fully programmable alarm inputs (Balanced, Normally Closed, DAC, FastSwitch, direct, delayed, 24 hours, switchgear, etc.). 
  • 8 alarm input expansion via IMX Expansion module. 
  • Wide range of programmable functions for each input (groupings, self-exclusion, alarm count, self-resetting, combined outputs, counters with supplement, exit and entry times, etc.). 
Radio channels management
  • 80 programmable Wlink radio channels (direct, delayed, 24 hours, etc.). 
  • Wide range of programmable features for each channel (clusters, self-exclusion, counting alarm, self-resetting, combined outputs, counters with supplement, exit and entry times, etc.). 
User Management
  • 32 individually recognized users (numerical codes, proxy keys, remote controls) and fully programmable (name of the owner, access level, combined to activation groups, outputs, partial activation, operation block for days and times, and more). 
Activation Groups
  • 32 individually recognized users (numerical codes, proxy keys, remote controls) and fully programmable (name of the owner, access level, combined to activation groups, outputs, partial activation, operation block for days and times, and more). 
Radio functions
  • Automatic search Wlink free frequencies. 
  • Programmable Supervision for single detector. 
  • Test of the radio channel indicating signal levels. 
  • Sirens Management powered radio, remote keyboards, signal repeaters. 
  • Check availability or radio band. 
Signal outputs and alarm
  • An output in exchange for protected 12V voltage for the self-powered sirens and electronic sirens. 
  • Five or open collector outputs for general use be combined with the operator messages of the system. 
Serial RS485
  • 32 Starlight series terminals, Vision, SmallReader, Ape.
  • 8 serial sirens
System Timer
  • 56 weekly schedules for automatic on / off for individual groups, reporting in advance for group activation, programmable autoriattivazione if disabled. 
Calendar Clock
  • Automatic management or daylight saving time, leap years. 
  • dedicated backup battery. 
Historical memory
  • Registration of the last 2048 events of non-volatile memory, accompanied by an indication of the day and hour. 
  • Clear display or a display with fast-forward buttons. 
GSM / GPRS Communicator
  • 16 fully programmable telephone numbers (number, owner’s name, calling patterns, combined to groups, protocol or call mode, etc.). 
  • Alarm messages automatically generated on micro SD card via RoboVoice bundled software. 
  • SMS messages and custom GPRS automatically from programming. 
  • Remote management or by live remote call with voice guidance messages with SMS commands, TCP-IP via GPRS channel and through APPs for smartphones (iOS, Android). 
  • Management prepaid SIM cards with verification of the remaining credit. 
LAN port
  • Connection in server mode or through CSIcloud. 
  • TCP-IP, DHCP, DNS and SMTP client. 
  • Email Enter up to 8 recipients with programmable ratings. 
  • Connection APPs for smartphones (iOS, Android). 
Built-in speaker
  • Local alarm signaling with programmable volume. 
  • Functional signaling (alarm occurred, the state of power to groups, faults, low battery, etc.) with programmable volume. 
Simplified Management
  • Icons on the display for fast access to the most used functions. 
  • Rapid activations with the push of only two buttons. 
  • Control of remote control Crypto Twin bidirectional Wlink with confirmation status change and interrogation. 
  • Alerts and voice operator messages. 
Ease of installation and service
  • Automatic detection of installed options.
  • Self-Learning sensors and remote controls, also collective. 
  • Easy and quick programming thanks to the bundled software and the graphical display with scrolling menu. 
  • Test detectors and remote controls with level indication signal. 
  • Communicator test with voice call and SMS. 
  • Power supplies and battery test. 
  • Automatic registration of the battery changed dates. 
Windows software supplied
  • easy WLINK for programming and firmware update locally and remotely via TCP-IP, CSIcloud, GPRS, Wlink 
  • RoboVoice for automatic programming of items on the micro SD card. 
  • MyPlus for remote management via TCP-IP / GPRS also through CSIcloud. 

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