iMX M 1-2-3

iMX M 1-2-3

The control panel tailored to your security system.

The control panels iMX M1-2-3 are equipped with the most advanced technology wireless and wired and have the peculiarity to be developed on three different models in order to respond to the different kind of communications requested: GSM/GPRS and PSTN

All of them have the LAN ethernet connection , compatibility with App for smartphones, full complement software for scheduling and remote management, all to give birth to a perfect and optimized system to various customer requirements.

Thanks to the CSI Cloud and My Plus Pro Apps , will turn the smartphone into a terminal asdded to the system.

The possibilities of communication in case of alerts are many and range from telephone calls ( on traditional line or GSM ) to SMS , mails and push notifications.


Block Diagram

Block <b>Diagram</b>

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