A home easier to live with home automation

Domotics according to CSI

For a smart and always connected house.

Higher security

The home automation systems are designed to improve the quality of life, through integration with security systems.

Simplified management

Design and installation are carried out to ensure an ease of use and maintenance.

Cost optimization

Home automation is the ideal solution to reduce the operating costs of heating, lighting or irrigation systems,etc.

From research to the creation of home automation systems

Connection systems to improve all aspects of life

The management of everyday life is changing: the connection between devices is now a real need for people who are looking for practical solutions to simplify every aspect of the day.
It is with this in mind that within the CSI Labs have been developed systems that allowing   to manage domestic operations remotely, through  mobile devices. 


The Department of Research and Development has been concentrated in finding  alarms made according to the rules of home automation, through the creation of structures that connect systems within buildings for mobile applications allowing  to coordinate activities or to check the equipments.

Who chooses the integrated management systems and intelligent CSI is sure to have control over their own safety and benefit from the absolute comfort guaranteed by planned systems. Thanks to the remote control, the control panels in the  XPanel, IMX and Solo series , guarantee an high quality and efficient protection from dangers like intrusions and domestic incovenience.
The remote control is not limited to preventive actions or for resolution: thanks to apps developed in CSI’s  labs, you can connect to the lighting, heating and irrigation systems in your home, by enabling or disabling the facilities to suit your needs. This is made possible by the security system, which provides access to centralized management of home automation system,  allowing us to offer a complete structure at a very competitive  price.

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