CSI Cloud: the Cloud remote security solution

CSI Cloud : security on a server

The latest technology signed CSI

CSI Cloud

Remote control exclusive technology

CSI Cloud is the innovative server designed and developed in our laboratories, which promotes interaction and easily connection  between the control panel and apps (including personal computer software) that are designed to manage them.
It is in other words a web service allowing  to connect  to compatible devices remotely without complications of IP addressing.

The choice of using the cloud will make it even more accessible the use of alarm control panels, allowing technicians to enter the server remotely, to fix any servicing and maintenance, thereby optimizing time and costs related to the service offered.


What is CSI cloud?

The easiest, fastest, safest system.

CSI Cloud is a server which interacts quickly and easily between your control panel  and the apps (including personal computer software) that are designed to manage them.
The CSI service Cloud has been designed and produced in CSI laboratories.
The choice of using the "cloud" will make it even easier to program and to use  your alarm control panels.
You do not know how to use CSI Cloud?
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