Pre sales

Project support, listing, training and education

CSI technical team was formed with the spirit to provide installers with all the necessary tools  to ensure the excellence of its products. From the study of the most suitable project proposal  to dedicated  training  for installation.
CSI assists distributors and installers in the essential phase preeceding the sale of the product by collaborating on projects in close contact with customers and providing specific support in the process of product listing and quotation.
The installers are the first users of CSI alarm systems and the first people to report to the various Company departments.
The Company’s competitive advantage lies in the experience of its technicians who, in their daily relations with installers and thanks to the continuous and diversified needs of the market, have built the history and experience of CSI.

CSI   technical team is trained in- house, with a view to provide  all installers with everything they need to guarantee excellence in the use of the Company’s products: from planning and design, to quote, from choosing the best product/solution to the after sale service.
A focal point in the pre-sales phase and in the relationship with installers regard to education and training. CSI is committed on organizing training and refresher courses at its headquarter to ensure installers a full technical knowledge on security systems and technologies developed in the CSI labs and to make them aware of the Company's products solution range.


Wide product range , customized solutions , the latest high tech products.

CSI manufactures its own products in complete autonomy. From the development of hardware and software, up to product  design and packaging. Top notch development tools allow us to create a high quality product and be an important reference point for installers.
CSI provides installers and distributors with a complete service and a wide range of high quality products ready for sale, categorized in line with market demands.To sell CSI  products means offering customized solutions, high technology and development  following a quality system that includes a series of strict internal tests to ensure the best possible performance.

Who sells CSI products has the ability to offer its customers advanced equipment, designed and developed in Italy and built according to the market needs, installers and end users. The CSI products allow installers and distributors to position themselves in the market on a high level and to be able to offer to their  customers a tailored solution designed for that customer, whether an individual or a company.

After sales

Remote technical support, service, technical manuals

CSI’s goal  is to ensure security and instill  in the end customer a sense of security and tranquility. That's why the Company is always present with a timely and accurate after sales service to ensure installers with the proper support.
 CSI team is available to installers to advise and assist them in any situation, from small systems to large industrial building project.