Solo Lite: Wireless intelligence

SOLO Lite: Wireless intelligence

SOLO Lite: Wireless intelligence

Wireless system to protect impossible environments
SOLO Lite: Wireless intelligence

Energy saving

The flexibility of the power sources allows the user to choose between lithium battery or mains power supply optional and charge lead acid battery buffer.

Compatible with WLINK

The WLINK solution is developed by CSI with the aim of ensuring reliable operation of all wireless systems. Radio communication protocol ensures high quality performance and reliability.

Wireless programming

It guarantees maximum comfort and reliability, to live in a secure environment.


The latest control panel generation multiconnect and remotely manageable

Solo Lite is an  innovative control panel , born from the need  to provide with a flexible and practical product offering. The solution is ideal  in wireless security and systems management without mains power. The number of radio channels can be controlled, the availability of wired inputs, flexibility in power supplies and the availability of the module GSM/GPRS Communicator make SOLO Lite an efficient product for the protection of sites where it is not possible or convenient cables installation , or if there is no mains power, as well as the protection of boats,  trucks, and vehicles.
The installation is simplified  by essential characteristics, including:

  • self-learning peripherals;
  • test functions;
  • Siren;
  • flash memory;
  • fast programming software;
  • programmable system on display and keyboard.

This wireless alarm system is also characterized by a number of features that make it even easier to use thanks to an interactive management. The activation's  confirmation on bidirectional remote control, customizable voice messages, fast activations, the large graphic display are part of these options, which make Solo  Lite to be  used by anyone. The bidirectional GSM/GPRS Communicator also extends the possibilities for unprecedented levels of control and management for completely self-powered equipment.

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