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From research to production to full service
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Innovation at the service of security

An ever-timely response in the field of residential and industrial alarm systems

Ours is one of the few European companies to fully manufacture the products in complete autonomy, starting from initial idea based on market needs, through the hardware and software development, attending  at the same time to the product design and packaging. CSI has a first-class development tools and constantly updated, instrumentation and test development of the world's leading brands, as well as complete equipment for testing and certifications.


The company has an anechoic chamber of properties for EMI / RFI tests, antennas, waveguides, power generators, spectrum analyzers and EMI receivers capable of performing the most complex and accurate measurements, without having to resort to studies and external laboratories.

All equipment, from development to production, follow audit trails and testing certificates, guaranteeing the quality of the project and the production.


CSI Services

CSI spa  provides installers  and early adopters of security systems, comprehensive support at every stage: from training, to installation to after sales support. 

Pre sales

CSI technical team was formed with the spirit to provide installers with all the necessary tools  to ensure the excellence of the commitment of its products. From the study and development of the most suitable product to dedicated  training  for proper installation.



CSI produces its own products in complete autonomy, from the  development of hardware and software, up to product design and packaging.
High end  development tools allow us to create a high quality product and be an important reference point for installers.

After sales

The purpose of CSI is to ensure security and instil in the final customer a sense of safety and tranquillity. That's why we are always present with our timely and punctual after-sales service

Our ideas

CSI treasures of past experiences with a look to the future: research and innovation as a mean to transform spaces in a safe environment to live in.


The safety devices include control panels, detectors, communicators, sirens and accessories with intelligent technologies for building control. 



Belong to home automation category all integrated security systems that facilitate the management and control through automation of household devices.


Connection type  between the detector and the control panel  able to communicate various operating states of the detector on a single wire.


Innovative two-way radio communication protocol with automatic frequency search for reliable and secure communications
Web service that allows for remote access to compatible devices without IP addressing complications

CSI Cloud

Web service that allows for remote access to compatible devices without IP addressing complications

Wireless programming

Programming without wired connection (in Wlink wireless protocol)

Serial bus connection RS 485

Serial bus connection for fast , comprehensive and reliable exchange of information with the control panel.

Infinite control panel

The iNFINITE series inherits the best design features and CSI advanced electronics manufacturing, adding innovative solutions that make it unique can manage advanced intrusion systems and home automation.

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